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Television Products

Maple Leaf RF is a source for upgrades to existing transmitters, low power television transmitters and translators, as well as RF system components including antennas and transmission line. We have decades of experience supplying complete TV transmission systems. We welcome the opportunity to address any FCC Repack or replacement or new transmission system needs---big or small. 

Anywave 5X Exciter.png
Anywave 5X Exciter.png
Slate Series PA.png
Anywave Quartzite Series.png
WMUR TRansmitters Reinstalled sept2015.j

Upgrades/direct replacements for LARCAN and Axcera transmitters

Anywave Slate Series of UHF and VHF LPTV Transmitters & TV Translators

150 Watt to 800 Watt UHF and VHF systems equipped with the Anywave EXC-5X exciter featuring a UHF and VHF receiver

Anywave Granite Series.jpg
Anywave Magma Series.jpg

Anywave Granite Series UHF Air-Cooled, Quartzite Series VHF Air-Cooled, and Magma Series Liquid-Cooled UHF and VHF Band I and III Systems

Medium-High Power Systems for full power and LPTV requirements

1 kW to 150 kW power outputs.

equipped with the Anywave high performance EXC-5X+C exciter

Exciters-Modulators and Transmitter Upgrades
LPTV Transmitters and
TV Translators direct from Anywave

UHF and VHF Transmitters direct from Anywave

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