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About Maple Leaf RF

Our Mission

Since Fall of 2014, Maple Leaf RF has been a proven responsive source for parts, repairs, upgrades and technical services for users of LARCAN equipment. As the industry moves through the completion of another reduction in spectrum for broadcast television, Maple Leaf RF is well positioned to provide equipment and services as may be needed by broadcasters to implement any changes to their over-the-air operation to complete repacked and post-repack facilities including the implementation of the ATSC 3.0 television standard. 

Recently, we reached a sales representative agreement with Anywave, a major supplier of low and medium power transmitters for UHF and VHF broadcasters. A full line of low to high power transmitters are available from Anywave. All these transmitters feature the same high performance EXC-5X+C exciter. 


I have also once again teamed up with Bill Meechem who has 30 years of experience as a LARCAN Engineer. Bill, along with several other former LARCAN technicians and engineers make up our core team. Our team is your source for the best technical and engineering expertise for products manufactured by LARCAN and for new low power products designed by this team. 


The  mission of Maple Leaf is to address the ongoing need for RF expertise, project management and a selection of high quality, high performance equipment to meet these needs. 

IMG_0550 (2).JPG
Joe Wozniak, President
I've held sales and marketing management positions in the television broadcast industry since 1983 for several transmitter manufacturers including LARCAN and more recently for ERI, a well-known manufacturer of antennas, transmission line, and towers. 
My experience can save you time and trouble when considering your television broadcast needs. Contact me to learn more. 
Our Services

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with any immediate assistance you might require or help you budget for needs in the coming fiscal year. Here are a few things you might consider:

  • Module Repairs

  • Exciter Upgrades

  • Power Supply and PA Upgrades

  • On Site Transmitter Technical Services

  • Remote Technical Support

  • Transmitter Optimization/Proof

  • New!: Site Surveys, equipment budgets and sourcing for repack and post-repack television transmission systems


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