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LARCAN Support Services

Experience you can count on

Our Team has decades of RF and broadcast equipment experience— mostly with LARCAN. Your most experienced and knowledgeable source for LARCAN support is from Maple Leaf RF Systems and Service.

Niagara Falls_24.JPG

Niagra Falls, a natural wonder shared between the United States and Canada, is a fitting image to represent the sharing of support services between U.S. and Canadian engineers and technicians for users of Canadian-built LARCAN TV transmitters and translators

Our Services

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with any immediate assistance you might require or help you budget for needs in

the coming fiscal year.


Here are a few things you might consider:

  • Module Repairs

  • Exciter Upgrades

  • Power Supply and PA Upgrades

  • On Site Transmitter Technical Services

  • Remote Technical Support

  • Transmitter Optimization/Proof

  • Site Surveys to plan for repacking

Exciter, Power Supply, and power amplifier Upgrades
Parts and Repair Services

On-Site Technical Services

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